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Game made for a game jam in 48 hours.

EN - 

Twin Soul, a coop multiplayer adventure, takes us into the story of two twin girls who were separated at an early age. When they feel the need to be with each other, one of them decides to go and look for it and get her free from the bonds of the shadows lurked. Help each other to be able to find the exit and continue the happy life that they once had.

ES - 

Twin Soul, una aventura coop multiplayer, nos adentra en la historia de dos chicas gemelas que fueron separadas a temprana edad. Al sentir la necesidad de estar la una con la otra, una de ellas decide ir a buscarla y liberarla de las ataduras que las sombras la acechaban. Ayúdense mutuamente para poder encontrar la salida y continuar la vida feliz que alguna vez tuvieron.

Install instructions

Installation Instructions: 

1. Download twin-soul.zip file.

2. Export TwinSoul folder.

3. Enter to WindowsNoEditor folder

4. Execute TwinSouls.exe

5. Enjoy!


twin-soul.zip 1 GB
Version 2 May 21, 2019

Development log


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